Refrigeration dryers are the first choice when it comes to reducing or removing moisture from compressed air. After passing through a refrigeration dryer, water in the compressed air will cool and condense. Dried air will then be discharged with the pressure dew point temperature reaching 2 to 10oC.

The Fusheng FR series refrigeration dryer provides both air-cooled models and water-cooled models. Each type can be further divided to high temperature and low temperature models based on the inlet air temperature demand from the customer end.


Uses ozone-friendly refrigerant R134a or R407C.

Uses anti-corrosive nickel-plated brass pipes for longer service life.

Uses a unique air heat exchanger with a brass pipe and fin design to prevent piping condensation.

Equipped with a computerized control panel and flow chart display for easiest operation.

Uses a flange connection for evaporators in power range from 300 hp and above to allow for easy maintenance.

You can check the interested models and send inquiry to us.
High temp. type :Air Inlet temp. 50°C
Model Size flow rate @ 7 kg/c㎡ (m³/min) Refrigerant Power consumption (50Hz) kW
1/2" 0.83 R134a 0.4
1" 1.4 R134a 0.5
1" 1.8 R134a 0.8
1 1/4" 2.7 R134a 0.8
1 1/2" 3.7 R407C 1.3
1 1/2" 5.4 R407C 1.6
2" 7.2 R407C 1.8
2" 8.5 R407C 1.5
2" 11.1 R407C 2.1
2" 15 R407C 2.58
DN80 18.6 R407C 3.32
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